Supporting Queer Britiain

Madame F is not just about great wine; she is also about making a difference. In collaboration with Queer Britain, a pioneering charity that champions LGBTQ+ history and culture, Madame F is proud to sponsor the Madame F Queer Britain art award since its launch in May 22. The winning artwork by LGBTQ+ Justin Kemp is showcased on the front of every bottle, celebrating the creativity and resilience of our community.


Madame F is now in its third year of sponsoring the The Madame F Queer Britain Art Award. The theme celebrates Queer Creativity, inspired by illustrator Justin Kemp, who designed the Susy the Frog image featured on the Madame F wine labels.

Artists are invited to submit illustrations, paintings, drawings and photographs that celebrate Queer Creativity.

Prizes of £1500, £1000 and £500 will be awarded at a special summer reception at the museum in Granary Square.

The winning artwork will also help support Queer Britain, by featuring on merchandise and the donation of £30,000 from Madame F.